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Welcome home.

We are YWAM London Radiant, a pioneering YWAM base made up of over a dozen different nations and living in the heart of London.

Our aim is to ignite the body of Christ and challenge it to step up to its full potential in the different areas of society.

We do this primarily through the arts, mercy ministries, discipleship, and training programmes. However, we are passionate about following God in the areas of society that He places on our hearts, no matter what they are. We love to help run a homeless feeding programme on a Thursday night, to sing in a pub on a Friday night, and to hold a church service in the centre of Camden on a Sunday. Our interests are many and varied, but our heart is the same: to share the hope and joy of Christ with whatever God puts in our hands.

We want to see all of London transformed by coming face to face with His grace, and we are willing to give everything that we have to reach that goal.

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“You’re not supposed to write it; you’re supposed to live it.”
Christian VargasBase Leader


DNA Leadership and Ministry Development School

Introducing the DNA Leadership and Ministry Development School, which premieres in 2018. Throughout the Bible and history, we can see how God has a heart for developing leaders into theirRead more

Sports and Fitness Internship

            The Sports and Fitness internship will be a mix of lecture and outreach taking place in different locations. This DTS internship focuses on pushingRead more

Sports and Fitness DTS

                              The Sports and Fitness DTS will be a mix of lecture (twelve-weeks) and outreach (eight-weeks)Read more

Arts Revolution DTS

          The Arts Revolution DTS will be a mix of lecture (twelve-weeks) and outreach (eight-weeks) taking place in different locations. A typical day during the lecture phase consists ofRead more

Arts Internships

The ARTS INTERNSHIP is a three-month launching pad into ministry and missions through the arts. These months are split up into a ‘preparation phase’ and an ‘outreach phase’. The FIRSTRead more

Arise London & Bones Camp

12 days of rich teaching and testimony, fervent intercession & worship, practical evangelism and prophetic acts using the arts… Calling the Church to come together and reach out to the hundreds,Read more

International Arts and Sports Gathering

Inspired by the Arts Gathering in Ålesund in October 2010, we established the YWAM England International Arts Gathering here in London in June 2011. In 2018, we are introducing sportsRead more

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Hospitality Inquiries
YWAM London Radiant offers limited hospitality in their two locations, depending on the activities and schools operating at the time. All hospitality has a small charge per day and we would invite you to enquire further at hospitality@ywamlondonradiant.london regarding any possibility of hospitality you may require.


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  PHONE:020 7688 2958 (11:00-7:00 GMT) Tues-Sat  MORE INFO: info@ywamlondonradiant.com

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