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The Arts Revolution DTS will be a mix of lecture (twelve-weeks) and outreach (eight-weeks) taking place in different locations. A typical day during the lecture phase consists of two lecture sessions, intercession time, a short group meeting, and a work duty. The topics covered in lecture are designed to prepare you for the task of world evangelism. Fifteen hours a week are spent in lecture. You will have the opportunity to improve your artistic skills, as well as to learn more and do more in practical missions.

Our teachers are from various cultures and backgrounds and have all had years of experience internationally in teaching missions, in practical work on the missions field, as well in the arts. This time will also give you insight in how to build up and develop your portfolio, a production, an event and a missionary lifestyle through the arts.

The Arts Revolution DTS is for people who radically want to get to know God better. The mission of YWAM is to know God and to make Him known, and that is evident through DTS. It challenges you to follow God wholly – through worship, prayer, listening to Him, and serving Him practically and through creativity. It is not simply a gap year or a touristy hippie experience; DTS will change your life and how you look at the world. You will not be the same, and you may not have the same plans for your life. It is an adventure, so if you apply, come with an open mind and a heart hungry to seek God.

The cost for the DTS is: Lecture Phase: £2,300 (inc. accommodation, food, some materials and transport for some school activities). Outreach/ Production: £1,600 approx. (not including flights, buses or trains to and from outreach destinations). Registration: £100 (payable with your application form, non refundable). This does not cover the cost of any flights either to/from London or outreach flights. You can pay the registration fee via paypal, you just select to send money to the email address: You can create a free paypal account if you do not have one.

In this DTS, there is a big emphasis on community life. Living in community means we eat together, we work in the house together, and share each moment of the day with each other. Our aim is to serve each other in this as well, blessing each other, keeping the house clean, and taking care of the place that God gave us to live. We see community life as one of the blessings God has given us, sharing our houses and rooms with people from different nations, languages and cultures!

If you are European, you do not need a visa to do the Arts Revolution DTS. If you are not European, you will need a visa to attend, and should apply a month (or before!) in advance of the school in order to receive your visa.

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The 2018 Arts Revolution DTS will run from 31 March to 28 August 2018, and another one will run from 07 July 2018 to 04 December 2018.

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